The Book of Law Numbered in Serial English

I’ve uploaded the Book of Law numbered in Serial English, where A-Z = 1-26 here:   Advertisements

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Introduction to the Nv Freemasonry

Here is my introduction to the Nv Freemasonry:

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The AL III:47 4774 Solution

Here is my solution to AL III:47:

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The AL II:76 S.A.T.O.R. Solution

Here is my solution to AL II:76.

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Forex Trading II: Broker & VPS Selection, & Starting A Business

Picking the right EA is the most crucial part, but the other half of the research consists of finding an appropriate broker to do business with. It is not an enviable task: many of them are crooked to a degree. If you are not a US citizen you have a good deal of choice, but […]


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Forex Trading I: Introduction

Forex trading is the trading of the various currencies of the world. Forex trading may allow you to make 20-100% per year return on your capital. This is enough to become rich in 10-20 years. I will assume for this instruction that the reader has not yet traded forex or is not consistently profitable as yet. […]

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The Best Font For Diacritical Marks

My search for a good all around font has faired little better than finding the ideal word processor for the Mac, but I have come to a decent criteria for so doing. I started off writing in Times New Roman (TNR) or the Mac Times with no knowledge of leading. I switched to Arial early […]

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